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Shooting for the first time at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo.  Beautiful venue only second to the beautiful couple.  The weather was questionable right up until the big day, but the rain and wind held off.  From the Atrium, to the Lodge, to the grounds it was an exceptional venue.






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Graduating from PLU | Ruby

On the campus of PLU taking graduation photos for Ruby.  Congratulations Ruby!

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In Memory

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Some things never change, no matter how old the children get, try getting a family photo with everyone looking at the camera!  This picture was taken in February 2014, the first time in I honestly don't know how long that all seven of us were in the same place at the same time.  Probably in the neighborhood of 35 years.  It was also the last time.  2014 was such a whirlwind I don't remember exactly why we were there, but I think this was shortly after Shelley, front row left, was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and she came to Seattle for her first consultation and treatment.  She would come to Seattle every three weeks or so for treatments and visits to the doctors and we would get together with her and at least one or two of the others, but never all seven again.  We had fun and enjoyed our time together as much as we could when she came.  We went to the zoo, the Pike Place Market, and other local adventures.  On her last visit to Seattle before heading to Tennessee to be with her boys, she passed away, that was August 18, 2014.

family-1392February 2014

Dad, took her passing very hard and the cancer he had been fighting for nearly 20 years took full advantage.  In November he was put into the hospital with cracks in his vertebrae.  They were planning on doing a procedure to inject cement into his vertebrae to seal the cracks, but the MRI showed that the cracks were caused by the cancer and the procedure was not done.  I showed up on December 8th with the intention of helping him get stronger so he could move to either California or Seattle.  We all knew he could not be alone, and we could not be there for him in Montana.  Once again the Grand Architect had different plans, and 6 days later on December 13, 2014 he joined Shelley.

Take every opportunity to be with the ones you love and cherish those times.  I will forever cherish this picture and the time we got to spend together.

We all miss you and will forever love you.

Marvin Martin 10/26/1940 - 12/13/2014

Shelley Savikko  3/27/1962 - 8/18/2014



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So far it has been a whirlwind as State Rainbow Dad.  I have been to installations at Sumner, Richmond Highlands, Edmonds, Everett, Kent and Tacoma Kenrick.  I have been to an initiation in Yakima, and the first official visit at Dream Camp in Granite Falls.  I have even made an appearance as Cher!  I have had so much fun already I can't even believe it, only 11 months to go!  Mrs. Martin has been with me every step of the way and I can't imagine doing this without her! dcamp-3723dcamp-3723


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7/12/2014 - Appointments, so there I was on the floor, camera in hand, assisting the photographer Dan Vorhees.  It was time to announce the 2014-2015 Jurisdictional Rainbow Dad.  I am not going to lie, there was a little voice in my head saying, wouldn't it be cool if it was your name?  Camera poised...waiting for the name...there it is!  loud ovation!  wait...did she really just say Steve Martin?  Holy cow, keep it together, remember Annie says no crying, that is the only rule she has for me.  Looking forward to an incredible journey for the next 12 months. ga2014-5441ga2014-5441  


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